Now you can start and scale your rental business without making expensive mistakes.

Okay, I can’t promise that you won’t make mistakes. You will.
The difference between DIY’ing it and joining my community is the support of hundreds of people who will have your back and help you reach your goals. 

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Hi, I'm Jesse 👋🏼

I help seasoned and rookie real estate investors fast-track entry to the mid-term rental market.


My goal is to help mentees earn $10K per month in rental Income with 3 to 5 properties and only four bookings per year—all without dealing with the short-term rental bans and high guest turnovers.
I also teach mentees how to target and land corporate contracts and direct bookings using simple but effective networking strategies.


The Accelerated MTR Blueprint

Masterclass & Mentorship Program

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You'll learn how to:

🎯 Creatively connect directly to decision-makers that will keep your property booked
🎯 Build your funnel of tenants
🎯 Secure high-ticket commercial contracts
🎯 Become a preferred vendor for companies that will pay top dollar
🎯 Market your property for direct bookings + avoid relying on the platforms



Join my community NOW to learn my approach to building a thriving business in ANY economic environment.

I call it the “business model for all seasons.”

 You’ll also get the step by step guides on how to:


👉 Analyze and select properties that will be successful mid-term rentals 

👉 Maximize revenue by leveraging design and amenities

👉 Take the guesswork out of contacting local agencies

👉 Secure commercial contracts + direct bookings



New to Real Estate 

Ready to purchase or launch an arbitrage strategy?

Looking for more cash flow than a long-term strategy

You can make $10K a month with 3-5 properties

An existing homeowner

Ready to diversify and use your existing investment as a launching point?

In the STR Space 

It's a great time to jump into the MTR market

Dealing with STR bans

The MTR strategy allows you to bypass regulations 

Able to work on leads for 7-10 hours per week

We teach you how to build a sales funnel so you never run out of tenant leads

Dealing with high
Airbnb turnover rates

You ONLY need four guests per year at each home to make the MTR strategy work for you


Ready to work hard and build a business that puts YOU in control

Work for yourself and build a legacy!




🚩 You can't commit 7-10 hours per week making SALES calls to grow your MTR business


🚩 You're not ready to implement what you learn immediately


🚩 You want to get rich quick


🚩 You're not ready to be uncomfortable 

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We are accepting applications (for now!). 


What's in the 12- Month Signature MTR Mentorship Program?

Learn at your own pace. 

Modules set up so you can pause, rewind, or watch at 2x speed 💨 

  • Finding and Analyzing MTR Markets
  • Foundations of MTR Investing
  •  The Blueprint
  • Persuasive Selling and Creatively Connecting
  • Strategies for Lead Nurturing and Conversion 
  • The MTR Sales Playbook

Community Coaching + Exclusive Events

I'm here to guide you through the entire journey. But you're also getting a community of like-minded peers who are committed to growing and building in the MTR space (together!).

  • Exclusive Facebook group

  • Access to exclusive events and guest speakers

  • Weekly Coaching Calls for the duration of the 12-Wk Program

Resources + Guides

Ready when you are. New guides and cheat sheets are always being added.

  • Cheat Sheets

  • The Sales Playbook

  • Pitch templates

  • Worksheets

  • Essential STR/MTR Checklist

  • Exclusive affiliate discounts and codes

It's the real deal. See what my mentees are saying...

Think that's cool?  


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